The Blaze Build

Randall Key has had his fair share of rock crawlers. These rides have always had a couple things in common— big motors and big axles. His newest ride fits the bill nicely with huge 2.5 ton steering Rockwell top loader axles and a fire breathing 400 horsepower GM 366 cubic inch small block. The 6.0 liter engine is fitted with an LS1 intake and 30lb injectors. The intake is actually placed on the motor backwards with the air intake hiding under the dash. The main reason they went this route was to keep the jeep hood as low as possible. This makes for some great visibility from the driver’s seat.

Transferring all of that power to the ground is a proven Turbo 350 transmission fitted with an Art Carr shifter and an iron clad NP205. The beefy 6:72 geared Rockwell axles are fitted with pinion brakes and heavy duty Ouverson axle shafts to survive Randall’s full throttle assaults. The sticky compound 43″ TSL SX tires wrapped around a set of custom MRW beadlocks should give Mr. Key a nice competitive edge during rock racing competitions.

The rocks are soaked up by a set of FOX coilovers while a dual 4 link suspension keeps the tires grabbing for traction. The interior of this rig is all business with a set of Corbeau suspension seats and Auto Meter gauges.

The Blaze buggy has a ton of custom touches. The coolant for the engine actually runs through the chassis keeping everything out of harms way while making for a clean look. There is a kill switch that will kill all power to the engine right beside the passengers left leg just in case Randall gets a little too crazy. His hands will be busy on the steering wheel and custom hand throttle/brake. All of his rigs are set up this way due to him not having the use of his legs.

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