Poison Ivy

The Poison Ivy Build

Poison Ivy was built for Jeremy Forsyth. Jeremy originally wanted to fix up his Jeep but one thing let to another and he ended up with this very clean rockbouncer chassis. The motor came out of Jeremy’s mid-90’s Mustang drag car. It was originally a Ford 351, but it’s been built to a 408 and then fuel injected with PowerJection III. In order to handle what’s likely to be around 600HP, he had PTC built him a top of the line C6 auto trans, which he bolted to a big NP205 case. Axle of choice are RockWells, all stock for now with the exception of the pinion brakes. Tires are 43″ TSL SX Stickies. This buggy was built for comfort, the interior has plenty of room to stretch out even for a big guy like Jeremy. Panels were built to keep the heat out and a custom fiberglass console stretches from the back of the seats all the way to the dash creating a smooth and seamless looking interior. This buggy is a perfect example of everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

A year later Martin Harper bought Poison Ivy from Jeremy. However the motor that had currently been in this buggy wasn’t enough to make Martin happy so he beefed up the motor to bring it up to around 700 Horsepower.