Twisted 40

The Twisted 40 Build

Twisted 40 evolved from a basic buggy build using left-over parts from owner, Randy’s Jeep, to the show quality finish of this beautiful rig you see here. Randy said once he bought the Twisted Customs hood and grille it was downhill from there! The chassis incorporates many of CSC’s signitures like the double tube front and the curved bars from the main chassis rails to the rockers, but unlike any of CSC’s chassis before, the A-pillar design is something unique to this rig. Randy said he “wanted it to look good sitting still”, so he went with a raked back A-pillar to give it a very “sports coupe” look. The double-tube B pillar should be more than enough added strength for the cage design. The reasoning for this buggy to turn out as nice as it did is comfort. Randy wanted a comfortable trail chassis that wasn’t too hot in the summer, and wasn’t cold and exposed in the winter. The interior is clean and completely enclosed from the powertrain to keep the passenger area comfortable. Doors were also built for added comfort and ease of getting in and out, something you don’t see often.

The buggy is FORD powered with a built 302 bored .30 over to a 306 with aluminum heads, Trickflow intake, and 70mm throttle body. The C6 transmission was built by PTC with a reverse compression brake manual valve body and bolted to an Atlas 3.0. The HP60 and 14 bolt are built with 5:13 gears and detriots. The 60 houses 35 spline chromo shafts and CTMs. Shouldn’t have any issues with broken parts, even with the sticky 43″ SXs.